Software Design

TM Controls can provide control system design on a variety of platforms. Coupled with the ability to assess and select the right technology for your needs, this means that we can provide bespoke programming to fulfil your chosen system architecture. With a scope ranging from Entry Level PLCs right through to the use of high level Safety PLCs (to SIL3), we can offer a programming service for either original concept and design or upgrade of an existing system.

For visualisation, we can use the same HMI or SCADA manufacturer as the PLC platform, or we can offer seamless integration and communication on a range of third party interfaces, including EXOR and ProFace.

Our approach is flexible to your needs. As we can programme a wide range of systems, there are many options available with different hardware across a broad cost spectrum.

As some systems are complex or novel, we can also provide you with a Functional Design Specification, Control Narrative, Logic Diagram and Safety Validation Report when required, and assist you with the design and development of automating your system.

Software design services:
Automated Control System – PLC (Programmable Logic Control) Systems
SCADA (Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition) Systems
Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
Functional & Process Safety Systems (SIL Certified)
HMI (Human Machine Interface)
Drive Systems
Integrated Solutions