Our customer needed two replacement Duct Burner control systems in order to address obsolescence issues.

They came to us for a solution, as we have a wealth of experience in designing and building Burner Management Systems.

The existing 20 year old control system, whilst fit for purpose for the safe operation of the duct burners, was causing spares issues for maintenance purposes. Further, the Gas Turbines were being upgraded to allow for a ‘Purge Credit’ following methods outlined in NFPA 86, and this also required an upgrade to the control system and some of the instrumentation of the Duct Burner.

We provided a SIL 3 PLC based burner management system, utilising a Siemens S7-400 FH platform (redundant CPUs) with simplex S7-300 IO and an S7-1200F SIL 3 watchdog PLC. Coupled with a 21″ Exor HMI, this gave the power station the much needed improvements they required along with some they didn’t know they needed!


UK CCGT Power Station